exercise of the will

“Michael’s beautiful work contains the truth and heart that transforms it into a healing force.”

- Andrea Martin, Founder and Executive Director, The Breast Cancer Fund

Michael parra

Fitness and classical arts education unite in Michael Parra. An artistic approach permeates his teaching style – dedication to high standards, intense focus, and the childlike joy found in creative collaboration. In 1982, a near fatal episode of asthma prompted Michael to leave the Physical Education Department at San Francisco State University for a scholarship at the Marin Ballet School. He performed with the Richmond Ballet, the San Francisco Opera Ballet and several Bay area jazz and modern dance Companies.  In 1997 Michael brought together a collection of fellow artists, musicians and dancers to create the NOMAD dance Company. As his students unearthed unsuspected skills Michael’s commitment to community strengthened. He designed and managed programs for isolated, challenged populations such as breast cancer survivors and developmentally disabled adults; and in 2004 the Mill Valley Arts Commission honored Michael for his achievements.

With over twenty-five years in the field, Michael’s background provides him the skills to create personalized Pilates and fitness programs that allow students to meet their goals in an environment that supports the spirit. Michael is affiliated with the San Francisco Bay Club as a group exercise teacher, a fitness trainer, a yoga teacher, and a Pilates instructor. He is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine, the Integrated Teacher Training school of Pilates instruction, and a graduate of the Yoga Loft Teacher Training Program.

Michael is also an ACSM certified Cancer-Exercise Trainer and works with the patients of Sunflower Wellness.



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