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Suitable for Framing

July 2013/    download PDF

A few of my favorite original one liners.


More Than Muscle


My back stage, behind the scenes point of view as a movment educator. If you're a fellow trainer or dance teacher, I'm talking to you. Whether you're a colleague or a student, please feel free to voice your comments and suggestions. Go to More Than Muscle



January 2012/  download PDF

The true life telling of my application of yoga through cancer and care giving.


The Wisdom to Know the Difference - a play

December 2011/ download PDF

A play originally conceived as a vehicle for an LGBT youth program. The story examines several adult issues: mortality, self-acceptance of a gay identify, the deception and injury to others of remaining in the closet, inter-genrational dating and looking at life as it demands both serentity and courage.


Invisible - a play

January 2011/ download PDF

A play in which a young boy and an aging woman find themselves fading from the world's attention. In this draft the last line is omitted so that you may supply the ending.

Esperar, Care for the Caregiver

May 2010/ download PDF

A personal account of the challenges associated with cancer caregiving.

The Good Old Days

Sept 2009/ download PDF

A contemporary trip to the Symphony merges with a trip through the past and the diary of Peter Tchaikovsky.


And the Living is Easy

July 2009 / download PDF

A backyard barbecue and some dreams go up in smoke


April 2009 | download PDF

Two homeless buddies experience a miracle


December 2008 | download PDF

Bowling night brings out the worst and the best of an unlikely pair with mismatched timing


September 2008 | download PDF

A trainer rethinks her career and her marriage when she discovers that she is pregnant

Blame it on the Moon

June 2008 | download PDF

Three characters, a woman a man and the city of San Francisco explore relationships in the wake of globally warmed flood waters

A Season of Consequence

December 2007 | download PDF

Michael's imaginary 50th birthday teaches him a lesson in commitment



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